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Morrow BioScience Ltd. incorporates the principles of integrated pest management in all their mosquito management and control activities, whether they are West Nile Virus or nuisance targeted. Problem mosquito populations are reduced when justifiably necessary and using methods having the least possible impact on the ecosystem. Morrow does not support the use of indiscriminate chemical control methods.

Morrow is the longest established mosquito management firm in British Columbia and is proud to continue to provide the professional service their clients demand. The high level of experience and dedication of Morrow’s staff ensures that their current clients, including some of the largest cities and regional districts in BC, receive the expert information and programs they require.

Morgan Sternberg, M.Sc, RPBio

Morgan Sternberg holds a Masters in Aquatic and Fisheries Sciences from the University of Washington (Seattle, Wa.) with a focus in Aquatic Toxicology. Her master’s thesis explored the efficacy, fate, and potential non-target effects of larvicides used managing larval mosquitoes. Ms. Sternberg has a strong background in data management, statistics and study design.

Shaun Calver, B.Sc, B.Ed.

Mr. Calver has been working with MBL since 2003, has a degree in Kinesiology minoring in Biology and a background in teaching high-school science. He has a wealth of experience managing nuisance mosquito field operations and liaising with stakeholders regarding mosquitoes and their control. Mr. Calver lives for the challenges presented by difficult to access mosquito development sites, priding himself in safely going where others fear to tread.

Kendra Lewis

Ms. Lewis coordinates mosquito management programs in eastern British Columbia for Morrow BioScience Ltd. Based in Cranbrook, Ms. Lewis provides a thorough knowledge of mosquito control and a talent for involving local residents in issues as they relate to management programs in their areas. Kendra has been involved in mosquito management since the mid 1990’s and is personally responsible for the success of several large programs in the region.

Dirk Lewis, B.Sc

Dirk has a degree in Biology (Ecology and Environmental Science) from UBC and has been working in mosquito control since 1990. In 2004 he began work full time with Morrow BioScience Ltd., assuming management of several large mosquito abatement programs. Dirk oversees the reporting and permitting for all programs and directly manages programs from Christina Lake to the FVRD. He is recognized as an authority in the field of mosquito management in British Columbia.

Mark Vaandering, P.Eng

Mr. Vaandering is a business advisor for Morrow BioScience Ltd. Mr. Vaandering has moved to focus more wholly on his engineering work but will remain with MBL in an advisory capacity. A professional engineer by training, Mark has been involved in mosquito management in British Columbia since 1993.

Morrow BioScience Ltd. (MBL) is a small, privately held firm specializing in mosquito management for over 30 years. We are the longest established firm of this kind in British Columbia. The extensive experience and commitment of our staff has made MBL a leader in nuisance and vector mosquito management across the province since 1984.

MBL aims to conduct control of larval mosquitoes only where deemed necessary and in the lowest impact method. Our aim is to leave as much biomass as possible in the system to enhance the biodiversity. Treatment takes place before the mosquito biomass moves from the aquatic to terrestrial ecosystem.

Fraser Valley Regional District (nuisance)

The FVRD Mosquito Control Program is one of the largest in BC, servicing nearly 280,000 residents living and working along the Fraser River Corridor from Abbotsford/Mission to Hope. The area encompasses a floodplain long known for its ability to produce mosquitoes. Each year MBL goes after mosquitoes from the ground, water, and air.

City of Cranbrook (nuisance)

The Cranbrook Mosquito Control Program is a comprehensive program that targets park, city, and private land. Mosquitoes are wide ranging starting from snowmelt mosquitoes and progressing through the season to include many species in many habitats.

Regional District of East Kootenay (nuisance)

The RDEK program currently focuses primarily on floodwater mosquitoes around the Wasa Lake and Tata Creek areas. This program provides relief to residents and vacationers alike.

Columbia Shuswap Regional District (nuisance)

MBL is responsible for mosquito control in and around Golden, BC as part of the CSRD Mosquito Control Program. Taking over the program in 2012, MBL has been able to significantly reduce the ratio of aerial:ground treatments.

Regional District of Central Kootenay (nuisance)

This nuisance program is influenced by water from the freshet and from releases at Duncan Dam. Efforts are made to coordinate with operators at the dam such that high water can be monitored and, if necessary, treated for mosquitoes.

Regional District of Kootenay Boundary (nuisance)

MBL was awarded this program for the start of the 2015 season. Current operations have MBL staff exploring and mapping existing and new mosquito sites. The scope of the program covers Grand Forks and Christina Lake.

MBL provides nuisance management programs tailored to their clients’ individual requirements and in accordance with the principles of integrated pest management. MBL’s strategy is to use consultation, education, prevention and monitoring as well as treatments to control pest population.

These circumstances deserve a professional, environmentally sensitive nuisance management program such as that offered by Morrow BioScience Ltd.

Control of mosquitoes is most effective when they are in the larval stage. For this reason, most of the efforts are placed on finding larval development sites, reducing their viability or treating when larvae are found in sufficient numbers.

MBL staff developed one of the first Mosquito Pest Management Plans in BC. Since that time we have worked closely with the Province during the evolution of the PMP process. We have a solid reputation for developing manageable PMPs for clients that are specific to the needs of all stakeholders.

Consultation is something we take very seriously and our strong relationships with stakeholders across the Province help smooth and expedite the consultation process.

MBL mapping technicians are fully RISC certified in both GPS Data Collection and Project Management. We utilize a wide range of GPS technology dependent upon the accuracy and metadata requirements. In addition to GPS, MBL crews are skilled with map and compass (due to years of finding our ways around floodwater sites). Call us for your in-stream, out-of-stream, and infrastructure mapping needs.

Study design is a fundamental aspect to any research project. Careful study design can determine whether or not a research project is considered a valid scientific study. Done properly, study design minimizes confounding variables, maximizes statistical power in analysis, and clarifies analytical results. Program managers are, therefore, able to make decisions based on scientifically defensible results.

MBL’s study design services involve the creation of a formal study proposal and/or technical report including the following:

1. An introduction to the issue, including the motivation to conduct research

2. A historical review of relevant scientific research

3. A recommendation for the number of treatment and control sites/organisms based on statistical methodologies

4. An approach for study site selection

5. A proposition for monitoring/sampling technique

6. Data analysis

7. A discussion regarding the results and study conclusions

8. If necessary, a recommendation for future work based on study findings

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