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Mosquito Disease Transmission: Just the Facts, Ma’am.

Notorious disease vectors Mosquitoes are some of the most notorious disease vectors in the world. Because of their worldwide distribution (except for Antarctica), proximity to humans, and inclination to feed off of humans, mosquitoes have been able to spread viral (e.g. West Nile, Zika, Chikungunya) and parasitic (e.g. Malaria) diseases to people throughout the world. […]

Integrated Mosquito Management Program

How do we Control Mosquitoes? Morrow BioScience Ltd. uses an integrated pest management approach to controlling mosquitoes. The best time during the mosquito lifecycle to control them is when they are larvae. For this reason, most of the efforts are placed on finding larval development sites and treating the larva when they are found. Mapping […]

Biology of our main target mosquitoes

The primary mosquito targets are Aedes vexans and Aedes sticticus. Their biology is quite specific to floodwater habitats. Both are somewhat easily identifiable in the field as adults and, when combined with habitat, also easily identifiable in the field as larvae. Generally, if the mosquitoes are so numerous that you can’t help but breath them […]


MBL staff believe strongly in giving back to the communities not only in which we live, but in the communities that support us through our working relationships. We also believe in giving back to the land. As part of our Environmental Sustainability practices MBL works with communities on stewardship initiatives. MBL adopted a section of […]